Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Truly Flies When You Are Having Fun!

Oh my goodness!
Is that so true or what?
Time flies when you are having fun!
Or maybe it is time flies when you are busy with 5 kiddos AND having FUN!
Whatever it is, I have to say I can't believe it has been so long
since I updated our blog.

July 5th marked our 4 month anniversary since
Andrew CheolWoo was placed in our arms forever!

This was our 1st photo and how sad he was leaving his foster family.
It was the hardest thing ever.
This photo was taken after we landed in Chicago and were ready to go home.
He was doing much better at that point.

Check out our sweet well adjusted boy now.
He is loving life and is growing with his forever family.
We can't even imagine what life would be like without him.
Is he the cutest little guy or what??
This mama is super partial to him.

What an awesome time it has been.
Each time I look into that sweet boy's beautiful, dark brown eyes,
I know I am the most blessed mama in the world.
This little guy has brought so much joy to us that words will never tell.
He loves to squeeze and I mean squeeze our cheeks as hard as he can with both hands while at the same time planting the biggest kiss on our lips!
That is precious.
This doesn't happen once in a while....often.
He will come and want picked up and just grin from ear to ear and BAM!
Kiss us many many times.
That is just Andrew.
He is super affectionate and always likes to be lovin' on us.
Oh how his foster mama loved that too I am sure.
She knew the treasure he was and will continue to be.

So, what are some other Andrew little things....
...he is saying Dada and BaBa for mama.
...he "sings" Jesus Loves Me with me as I am rocking him to sleep.
Truly is the sweetest.
...he lays on his blanket to be swaddled at naptime and bedtime (do you remember the one from the beginning he threw down when we first got him?) yes...he loves it!
...he loves to wear an apron and help cook in the kitchen.
...he is using the toilet each time we sit him on it, even though he still wears diapers.
...he is SO excited when he hears the garage door and knows Dada is home.
...he likes to snuggle his mama in the middle of the night.
Yes, it is wonderful to me even though it is 2am,
but most nights he sleeps all night in his crib.
...he still uses his signs to communicate and at times they are a
little "sloppy" and he is very frustrated if we can't figure them out.
When we do though he laughs with a sense of relief.
...he is a little daring...when we are at the pool he likes to go down the bigger slides and walk under as many of the water falls as he can.
...he brings laughter to his sisters every day, and some frustration at times when he wants to "mess" up what they are doing
or be involved in something that really isn't 2 year old play.

He so loved fireworks on the 4th of July!

We are all enjoying our summer of tennis, swim meets, lazy days at home, and family time together.
It is so great to have my kids home for the summer.
I realize how quickly time goes and how they are growing up fast.

I also know that we are blessed to
have the children that God purposefully placed in our care.
To train them up in His ways and love and nurture them so they can go out into the world and shine His light and lead others to Him.
It is a privilege and an honor to be parents.
It is hard work many times and sometimes I feel like I am not doing the best.
When those times come and I am the weakest is when I know God is there to give me the strength to continue the mission He has called me to...parenting.
I love it!

Each time I take the time and look in each of my kids eyes as they are talking to me I see so much. I realize that I don't stop enough and really focus on them as they are speaking to me. When I do though, WOW!
It is so good!!
Okay, so I feel I have gotten so off on a rabbit trail.
Sorry about that, just some thoughts that were coming to me.
So, to bring it back to my post..
Time does fly when we are having fun.

Take time and let it fly by having fun with those you love the most!


  1. OH, he sounds like he is doing WONDERFUL!!!
    I so get what you are saying about taking time to really focus on what our kids are saying. AND, how we are so relying on God when times get a little rough.
    We REALLY need to meet up SOON!!!

  2. I'm so happy to see you all are doing so well! I flashed back to when I ran into you and your hubby in Seoul, at breakfast that morning our Ipod died. You two offered your computer in your room to us, which was just the sweetest thing, although we'd never met in person! Love your pictures of that sweet sweet family! Lots of love to you Becky, lots of love! ;)